We are committed to using the best quality fabrics that are kind to both people and the planet. We are using high quality, innovative fabrics that are sourced from certified mills.


Our commitments when sourcing textiles


  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

 The Global Organic Textiles Standard is a worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers that takes into account every step in the supply chain. The standard aims to define worldwide recognised requirements that ensure the ecological status of textiles, from the harvesting of the raw materials throughout environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing, throughout labeling in order to provide a credible assurance to the end customer.


Our silks are all GOTS certified to ensure that our customer is wearing a piece that will cause no harm to them and had caused no harm to the people in the supply chain or the planet.


  • OEKO-TEX® 

The aim for OEKO-TEX® is to ensure safety from harmful chemicals from a consumer point of view. Extensive product checks and regular company on site-visits ensure that the industry has a globally sustainable awareness of the responsible use of chemicals. With this concept, the OEKO-TEX standard has take on a pioneering role for many years. With the OEKO-TEX® certification the byVarga customer can be certain of the safety of their clothing.