A fashion community with boldness. Modern luxury focusing on individuality.


To produce ethically sourced, high-end, ready-to-wear garments made of natural, quality materials providing a luxury feel for the wearer and allow them to mix-and-match the pieces. Sharp focus on sustainability.

The Brand

ByVarga is a contemporary designer womenswear label, putting emphasis on mix-and-matching quality materials and bold detailing. The company’s profile is high-end ready-to-wear fashion, characterised by subtle femininity and the element of surprise which is delivered via the integration of asymmetry.
The brand works exclusively with natural, fine quality materials such as silk, wool and leather, creating timeless pieces that can be used in a versatile way and provide a comfortable, luxurious feel as a result of the precise and sharp tailoring applied throughout the entire process of manufacturing.

Our Story

Fanni Varga established the brand in August 2016. Within a year the brand managed to get several publications including magazines such as The Evening Standard, Vogue UK, Schön! Magazine, Highsnobiety, to name a few.

The brand was selected to be among the top 5 designers for the Designer for Tomorrow’s competition in 2017 curated by Stella McCartney. ByVarga was also featured in the Evening Standard’s article series Progress 1000, discussing the success of their mentorship program with mentor Anita Barr, Group Fashion Buying Director of Harvey Nichols.

The byVarga Woman

The ByVarga woman is strong and open-minded, who dares to dress differently. Her comfort zones are busy streets, extravagant places or teeming spaces. She likes interesting, like-minded people and an alluring and lively sense of atmosphere where she comes alive. That is when she reveals most of herself, to make sure all eyes are on her, whilst carefully paying attention not to give away too much of her personality. She is strong, playful, mysterious and always confident. She is unstoppable.

Fanni Varga-byVarga